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Fam Trips & Tours

Chiapas México fam

Our Chiapas Mexico fam trip included tours of hotels and museums in San Cristobal and waterfall parks in the southern area.

Germany fam castle

Photos from the
Baden-Wurttemberg, Southwest Germany fam
including Mannheim, Stuttgart, and Heidelberg.

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globe map

Who's Using My Photos?

I'm really amazed at some of the websites using my photos.

Most of my photos are licensed under Creative Commons with some restrictions. If you use this photo, please list the photo credit as "Jack Kennard" and link the credit to jackkennard.com.

Let me know by email or fill out a form on my site and I will add your site to photo links.

My Health & Weight Loss Progess

Just updated my watch to a Fitbit Charge 2 mostly to follow my heart rate at rest and sleep quality.

weight loss chart

I believe health is more important than weight loss, but acording to the government, I’m still obest, but working on it.

heart rate at rest

This is my overall indicator for good health. My goal is to get my heart beat under 50 by next summer.