Travel Photography

Here is a quick introduction to some of my photos taken in Atlanta and traveling through the Caribbean, Mexico and Germany.

Underground Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

These photos were taken during a Photo Walk put on through Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers on The new developers were nice enough to let us go through for a couple of hours to capture what will be an end to this Atlanta landmark.

Dante’s Down The Hatch

Dante's Down The Hatch

The Entrance

wine bottles at Dante's

At one time there were aligators around the ship, but that may have been at the Buckhead location.

Coca-Cola Billboard Sign Coca-Cola sign

Underground Atlanta Photo Walk

photo walk underground atlanta

Christmas Lights & Trees

Atlanta goes all out to celibrate Christmas.

First Snow

I am always amazed and delighted at first snow of winter. And being in Atlanta makes that very unique.

Usually, snow comes with a storm and ever since I can remember it only takes an inch of snow to close the city.

Germany Fam Tour Photos

Baden Wurttemberg Germany Fam

Southwest Germany Baden Wurttemberg travel agent fam trip
Group picture of the Southwest, Baden Wurttemberg Germany Fam trip
Photo taken at the Water Tower in Mannheim Germany

Mercedes Museum

Race track at Mercedes Museum

The Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, was a tour of a lifetime, even if you just some what admire a well designed car, you will be amazed at the history Mercedes brought to the auto industry.

The tour starts on the 8th floor and you walk down in a spiral going through the history and different aspects of Mercedes Benz that stands out including racing and buses.

Hohenzollen Castle

Hohenzollen Castle

This is the meeting and events room used for weddings and dinner events.

Porsche Museum

porsche museum 365 Carrera gt

Mannheim Watertower

Mannheim watertower

Berghotel in the Black Forest

Berghotel Black Forest

Stuttgart Beer Festival Volksfest

volksfest beer hall

Volksfest in Stuttgart is similar to Oktoberfest in Munich but smaller. There are several beer halls and of lots of fun!

Known locally as the Cannstatter Wasen, this is much more authentic than the perhaps better-known Munich event. In late September to mid-October. On the first day the mayor taps the barrel to kick off the 200-year-old festival.

You can expect lots of traditional food, beer and locals singing and sharing, including oompah bands to folk costumes, sauerkraut or crispy pork knuckles, and Stein after Stein of the specially-brewed festival beer.


Hotel Taube

hotel taube bedroom

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